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  1. I don't know how a midfield that has Jorginho and Kovacic in it can't control a game with a lead and an extra man. Actually I do.
  2. Fair catches sort of negate it, plus the NFL banned it after Tucker tried a version of it.
  3. He's a personal trainer these days. Islam Feruz could play for Tanzania as well if he wants.
  4. Victor Moses is going to Inter on loan. Conte going with Young and Moses as Serie A wingbacks.
  5. Kellen Moore was the last one iirc and he was a career backup. Another reason Sherman hasn't historically travelled around the formation is because of the calibre of defence he was in when in Seattle. If you've gor Sherman, Browner, Chancellor and Thomas in the secondary, why would you move? They were all perfectly suited to their positions at their peak and it was Thomas, a far more versatile player with incredible range, that would be your moveable piece.
  6. A lot of people don't like Sherman either because he's always been very outspoken, confident/bordering on arrogant but backed it up, negotiated his own contract in San Francisco and got absolutely battered for it only to go on and hit every bonus, and so on. He's an easy target for people to take shots at.
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