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  1. I've sussed that anyone who regularly says "let me put it this way" is an arsehole.
  2. How was this? The trailer made it look abysmal but it's Iannucci so I'll still give it a go.
  3. Just came across this video where Limmy talks about some of his feuds with Linehan. Such a shame Linehan is an utter twat. Also I wish channel 4 or someone would wise up and give Limmy money to make these sitcoms he wrote, must be two or three I think he planned? The household one and another one involving a bar. I forget which one had Falconhoof as the main character.
  4. #missingfinger these fucking hashtags. Reminds me of someone I know whose temper got the better of him a couple of years ago when during one of the storms his shed roof blew away. It was a combination of being pissed off at the shed and also his son who phoned him about it. "Dad the shed roof has blown away." "Blown away where?" "I don't know." He returned home and the roof had blown into the neighbour's garden. He proceeded to grab a hammer and for the next half an hour smashed the shit out of his shed wish I had the photo he took of the destroyed shed and his dog looking on confused.
  5. I've a mate living in Vilnius whom I'll go visit later in the year, I'll ask him for recommendations. Have already been told the KGB museum is good and that there's a big Tony Soprano statue somewhere.
  6. Keep seeing Dormer about the place (also Ian McElhinney), nice chap. Only read one or two of the Discworld novels but really enjoyed them so hope this does well.
  7. Bloody loved singing along to this song when I was young, speeding in a pickup truck and mowing down Hare Krishnas. I reckon I'll play it again
  8. Can't forget Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNabb which actually improves with each read.
  9. Killing Pablo is excellent. A very detailed but enjoyable read about the guys who brought down Escobar.
  10. I've mentioned The Station Agent a few times here, it's fantastic. Really lovely and amusing film. Peter Dinklage in it too. Chef another good one. Apparently he's in Motherless Brooklyn which I didn't get around to watching. Great cast but middling reviews.
  11. St Stephen's Cathedral is worth a visit and there's a catacombs tour you can do too that's pretty cool. The Hundertwasser house is nice to see and there's a cracking bratwurst stand beside the opera house that's rightly very popular. If you need restaurant or cafe suggestions I can check my old phone for some of the places we went. Their desserts.
  12. Ate out at the weekend for the girlfriend's birthday and had an amazing meal of monkfish with samphire and bacon and chive mash astounds me how many people either don't like or are scared to try fish (that's not battered). At least that's the case in Ireland, I imagine it's the same over the water.
  13. Stick with The Americans - I enjoyed the first two seasons but we kinda struggled through watching them with any consistency (took about three months) but season three onwards we were ploughing through one or two episodes a night. Genuinely sad that we've only three episodes left. Think Chernobyl is next on the list and hopefully Leftovers after that. Mr Robot and Succession probably need to be watched too. Someone keeps telling me to watch the Crown but not sure I could stomach it.
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