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  1. “It’s not too funny is it?” when someone hits their funny bone
  2. Ha yeah the terrible twos are aptly named. Smart enough to talk and know what they want but not smart enough to understand any kind of reasoning or logic. It gets easier. Being able to reason with him is just around the corner.
  3. There’s a few time lapses around. Ended up with 91cm in some places. Hard to measure though because of the high winds and drifting
  4. Idk has he said her being mixed race isn’t the biggest reason he hates her?
  5. All this chat of var this season and wicks has sorted it so easily. If you think of var when a goal is scored just don’t. Simple.
  6. Everyone steals signs. It’s expected when you have a player on 2nd. Not everyone does it to this level and like this.
  7. Yes that’s what I was hoping and he’s said it to me years ago but she never offered so I didn’t really push it after dropping a few subtle hints
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