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  1. Has genuinely missed more than he's scored and he's only taken 10. Why is he allowed to take them
  2. I want to include cunt YouTubers who say "guys" every other word but I feel it's not really the point of the thread. Still the obnoxious "OKAY GUYS, OH MY GOD GUYS, YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS GUYS..." cunts can fuck off nevertheless.
  3. Dunno, based on how people reply to it I guess it’s a “what do you think of this” but it irrationally winds me up SO much
  4. People from the UK saying “y’all”. Mostly on Twitter. Also, specifically a Twitter thing but those tweets where someone just writes “sco pa tuu mana” or “bomboclaat” above a picture.
  5. You’ll be pleased to know we stopped early so you didn’t miss your European game.
  6. Bit dramatic isn't it Only one day ffs, I'm just too tired this evening.
  7. Ross Turnbull Andrew Davies Matthew Bates David Wheater Andrew Taylor James Morrison Jason Kennedy Lee Cattermole He Who Must Not Be Named Danny Graham Malcolm Christie Subs: Josh Walker, Tom Craddock, Colin Cooper
  8. I was very disappointed the other day I can’t find the post of his on OTF1 about taking a girl crabbing Did OTF1 have some big purge of old posts some time recently or something?
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