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  1. Greenwood/Ings and other fringe strikers are a waste of a spot. Even if Kane's out I'd still be fine with just taking Sancho/Sterling/Rashford/Abraham as the main four attacking players but would try and get Vardy to change his mind.
  2. He basically told him to sign a new deal via one of his recent press conferences so would guess it's due to that. Then again he keeps playing Eriksen so who knows.
  3. Benfica play with Taarabt at CM these days so that doesn't surprise me.
  4. Liverpool were gagging to give us a goal there and we still couldn't take it.
  5. Would be shitting it if I were an Everton fan. I remember when Arsenal would put out banter teams against us in the cup and I dreaded the thought of them turning us over. Spurs have been very bad again so far, nothing happening. Get Troy on imo.
  6. Think Spurs will go full strength, whatever that is.
  7. This is where we skank a few wins and have people saying we're a better team without Harry Kane.
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