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  1. Or asking who we were voting for in the annual old school wrestling review podcast awards.
  2. Got one of his mates to take the fall for him after his recent car crash ALLEGEDLY too.
  3. Man with No Name Trilogy, with a sneaky bonus of Once Upon a Time in the West.
  4. I'm currently 10,000 pages ahead but 1 book behind . Average length of 438 pages. Meaty.
  5. I thought this was pretty well known?? It's why they never play together in the World Cup of Darts too. I think there was at least one year when Klaasen was above Barney in the rankings but Barney was selected. Normally you'd say 'lol Sky loves Barney' was the reason but it was MVG refusing to partner Klaasen.
  6. MILK Just loads of butter lads. Saw someone add another bit of butter near the end when you take the eggs off the heat near the end and looking forward to trying that soon.
  7. Foreign muck ftw. Italians absolutely smashing us tbh. Panettone and Pandoro >>>>>>>>>>>mince pies/christmas cake/christmas pudding. Stollen also better. Turkey is my favourite too.
  8. THAT camera shot of Keith Lee just appearing out of nowhere behind Finn Balor.
  9. Success in Kosovo without any real international repercussions is partly what led to their approach to Iraq.
  10. If the vibrating/buzzing things true then they should be stripped of their titles won while using it. Someone was saying the then Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish could've lost as much as $50 million in guaranteed money because of it, as he was a free agent after the World Series, where they smashed him out of the park in both his starts.
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