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  1. Apparently the draft stage is going to be next to Caeser's Forum so no boating
  2. Mane or Salah? (To be in the squad and then TC)
  3. First Name: Chris Last Name: Pinder Nationality: English Position: DM Right/Left Footed: Right 3 technical attributes: Passing Tackling First Touch 3 mental attributes: Decisions Positioning Work Rate 2 physical attributes: Strength Stamina 1 preferred move: Role used to fill empty attribute (list of roles available here): Deep Lying Playmaker Preferred kit number: 8 Bonus point (can be used on one of the below): Two-footed
  4. Yeah seemed a bit of a nothing performance from us. Apparently Bowen missed a great chance at 0-0 too
  5. Apparently Leeds have offered 3m rising to 15m if they get promoted for Bowen. There's not a chance we should be accepting that.
  6. @Philip RolfeAnything in us being after Uwakwe? Again somebody i've never heard of Couple of nationals linking us to an 18month loan this morning
  7. Looks like we're signing Martin Samuelsen from West Ham. I know very little about him.
  8. A lot of talk we're after Marriot because Mcann loves getting his old players. Bowler's been unlucky as while Grosicki hasn't been great, he keeps popping up with an assist/goal and keeping his spot. Still have no faith in Eaves and Magennis but Eaves has been improving. Edit - We also turned down a 7 figure bid from NY Red Bulls for Lopes. He's been fantastic so far this year after not getting a chance at Wigan
  9. Brought Maddison in for Pulisic this week. On 33 with Van Dijk, Salah to play and 3 from Mount to come on for Vardy.
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