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  1. The way Lloris' arm bent there didn't look anywhere near natural.
  2. Meshino only just signed for city this month and has been immediately loaned to us. Had never heard of him obviously so no idea what he's like but looking forward to seeing him, probably be involved today. Hickey is so good, not surprised big clubs are looking at him. One good thing levein has done is get the academy functioning and we're seeing some decent kids coming through.
  3. Morelos should have been sent off about 4 times on Sunday too.
  4. I'd imagine it would be up there certainly in Scottish football terms, however there is no chance of Hearts winning the SPL. They have had 4 easy fixtures out of the 5 they've won so far. They have signed something like 18 players and a huge roll of the dice and so far got lucky, their form won't last. By all accounts, they were pushed very hard pre-season and are now reaping the benefits of this so I think a drop in form is inevitable as legs tire. And we will beat them when they come to Easter Road. They play anti-football lump the ball to a big mess of a target man and are a very dirty niggly side. Teams will find them out possibly in the second round of fixtures. Away to Motherwell and Killie aren't easy games for anyone outside of Celtic. We don't lump it up to a big target man at all? If anything we're too patient and rely too much on Naismith dropping off and making things happen. I mean it's fine if you don't watch us but don't just make stuff up. You're right that we won't the league and tbh you'll probably beat us at home. It should still be a better season than the sh*t we've had for the last 2 years.
  5. Pretty rare for someone linked with those moves to come to a club like hearts so excited to see him. Hopefully he can help our charge towards the league t*tle
  6. Anyone know much about Sean Clare? Signed for Hearts and seems to have some hype but has only played 25 first team games.
  7. The bench is loaded with teenagers most weeks anyway. Injury/suspension crisis meant even more had to start but sounds like they did ok. Hibs game was great, can't beat an end of season game where neither team can be arsed defending.
  8. Demetri Mitchell scored for us today. Haven't seen it yet but was a screamer by all accounts. Has gone close a few times and been superb all round since he arrived really.
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